7 Unexpected And Awesome Uses Of RFID Tags

Written by RFIDGlobal

Does your business have a place for the RFID technology? You might not be able to answer “no” to this question regardless of what your business is involved in. RFID is currently being employed in an array of activities in a very innovative manner and you need to sample that. It seems that RFID tags are the duct tape of this digital era. Radio Frequency Identification tags are propping up almost everywhere in the current world.

The acumen with which it is being applied by its current solution providers was not though of by the people who made RFID originally. RFID adopters are not complicated, they are cheap and scalable.

Fashion: Smart fitting rooms

rebecca-minkoff-magic-mirror-reality-interactiveHave you had the experience of trying out new clothes in a new room? You will do so in the near future. Retailers will have the chance to have kiosks that are RFID powered making the dressing rooms to be posh and interactive. Once shoppers scan dressing rooms, the shoppers are free to access any data that they need for any product. Customers are consequently able to find what they are looking for in an easy manner as well to provide product review through a reliable process.

Amusement parks: They have no swipe ticket passes

RFID does not just fit in tracking of products. You will also be able to access a control solution. The RFID credit card style does away with the need for scanning and swiping. This in turn lowers staff costs and the time to wait. The tickets which have tickets that are RFID enabled make it easy to locate fun lovers in the fun grounds.

Casinos: Robbery-proof chips

The house always wins is an adage that was proved correct when the robbery of over $1.5 million was thwarted by RFID technology. RFID technology can be applied in reduction of losses even though it is not the sole technology that is used in casinos.

Sports: Loss resistant gold balls

Are you tired of losing balls when you are within the long tuff? Are you ready to relax and stop straining in trying to scan for the ball? Specialized service providers of trading goods say that it is impossible to live without RFID.

 Guns: Safety productshtb1_zdgkvxxxxataxxxq6xxfxxxq

There seems to be duel between security preserves and freedom lover. The gun debate has not unraveled this. A potential compromise has only been reached through the use of the RFID idea. However, few politicians have adopted it since it is considered a hot potato. Armatix is one of the manufacturers that have begun producing products that have gun safety mix.

Car-rental: NO-waiting vehicle returns

Technologies definitely compete more often than not. The GPS tracking system seems to have found a perfect complement in RFID. The tags that are powered by RFID are cheap and can track for localized areas. GPS however works for the expansive areas that call for more sophisticated machinery and acumen.

Technology will add to your amusement, every one or the other day, by its advancements and developments. And one of these interesting developments is RFID. Though previously, its applications were on applied on a whole different level but time and advancements in RFID has made it possible to intervene in our life and make them a bit easier. For example, consider the fact that you are in shopping mall and have to wait for your turn because it is the start of month and everyone has numerous stocks to buy. You only are left with waiting till your turns. This could be eased by implicating RFID technology.

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