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  • Place of Origin:  THAILAND
  • Model No:  MFRC53101T/0FE
    Price:  $5.00
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  • suppliers:  Yian Electronics Company Limited
  • Date Joined:  2010-09-16
  • Country/Territory:  China
  • Business Type:  Distributors/Agent
  • Number of Employees:  Less than 5 People People
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  • Detailed Product Description

  • MFRC53101T/0FE

    The MFRC531 is member of a family of highly integrated reader ICs for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz. The MFRC530 is Pin and Software compatible to the MFRC500, MFRC530 and CLRC632.

    The MFRC531 is tailored to fit the requirements of various applications using contactless communication based on ISO/IEC 14443A and B standard where full ISO compliance, cost-effectiveness, small size, simple design-in, high performance with a single voltage supply are important, e.g. standard ISO 14443 installations, payment terminals, passport and ID card reader.

    Key features

    • Highly integrated analog reader/writer IC
    • Full supports all layers of ISO 14443 A and B communication schemes with higher baud rates, up to 848 kbaud
    • High transmit output power to drive an antenna designed for proximity operating distance directly without additional active circuitry
    • Full support of the active antenna concept
    • Robust and efficient receiver for demodulation and decoding of signals from ISO 14443 A and B compatible transponders
    • Digital handling of ISO 14443 A and B framing and error detection (parity, CRC)
    • Anti-collision detection
    • Comfortable 64 byte send & receive buffer
    • MIFARE Crypto supports full range of NXP MIFARE card technology
    • Comfortable parallel host interface which can be directly connected to any 8 bit µ-Controller
    • Support SPI (serial peripheral interface) compatible interface to a host
    • Supports 3.3V external voltage supply
    • SO32 package
    • Full ISO14443 type A and B IP and License coverage
    • NFC reader/writer compatible
    • EMVCo/Paypass certifiable
  • Application

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