RFID – Encompassing Various Technologies

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Since not all people know about the RFID, various questions have been asked about automatic identification technology. This article focuses on some of the questions in brief.

sentry-slim-original-2Automatic Identification

Automatic Identification (ID) is a broad term that encompasses a many technologies that help used in identifying objects. Capturing data automatically is mainly used in auto identification. This means that companies can capture data about items and relay the information directly to a computer devoid of being typed by an employee. Auto-ID’s helps in increasing efficiency, reduce errors in data entry, and free staffs to work on other functions that add value to the companies. Some of the technologies that are under the umbrella of auto-ID are RFID, smart cards, and scans of the retina.

More about RFID

This is a general term that encompasses various technologies that makes use of radio waves in identifying objects and people. Several methods have been used in identification, and the most renowned one is storing serial numbers to help identify persons, objects and other micro information that can be stored on a chip which is attached on an aerial. The chip together with the antennae makes up the RFID tag or RFID transponder. The chip is empowered by the antennae to relay detection information directly to a reader. After receiving the radio waves from the RFID, the reader in turn translates them and they are then passed to computers that utilize it.

The Mode Of Operation Of An RFID System

rfid-5The RFID system has a tag that has a microchip and an antenna. It also has a reader that has an antenna as well. The main purpose of the reader is to relay electromagnetic waves. The relayed electromagnetic waves are received by the tag antenna. An RFID tag gets power from the electromagnetic field made by the reader, which in turn powers the circuits of microchips. Modulation of the waves is done by the chip after which the reader in turn changes the waves to digital data.

Effect Of Radio Waves And RFID’s On People’s Health

A low powered electromagnetic spectrum is used in RFID technology. The reader’s waves are not as dangerous as the waves that are relayed into the radio of your car.

Advantage Of Using RFID’s As Opposed To Codes

Bar codes are not weaker than RFID’s per se. The different technologies utilized by the two applications overlap more often than not. The main difference that features between them is that the bar code uses special technology called line-of-sight. This means that a scanner should be set to read a bar code and the code has to be inclined properly to be read by the scanner. In contrast, RFID does not need a similar technology to function. An RFID reader can detect the RFID tags as long as a reader can detect them. However, if a bar code is spoilt or soiled it cannot be read by the bar code since scanning is impossible. It is impossible to tell which product will expire first since bar codes for similar products are similar.

Technology will add to your amusement, every one or the other day, by its advancements and developments. And one of these interesting developments is RFID. Though previously, its applications were on applied on a whole different level but time and advancements in RFID has made it possible to intervene in our life and make them a bit easier. For example, consider the fact that you are in shopping mall and have to wait for your turn because it is the start of month and everyone has numerous stocks to buy. You only are left with waiting till your turns. This could be eased by implicating RFID technology.

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